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[League Software] update --/--/2019

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Chanegelog History of SOFTWARE for leagues over the past year.


  • RCS adjustable 
  • GlowESP added(Multi - League software
  • "Update needed" notification added on csgo update 
  • Config edited (you need to replace it. You can copy paste the old values to the new one if you like)
  • Fixed update needed message ingame
  • Disabled older hotkeys f1-f6 and f9-f11
  • Stand alone Defuse Sound option added
  • Weapon CFG added
  • Bone editable
  • Updated radar maps 
  • Security update 
  • Aimbot/RCS reworked 
  • Added Fov option for RCS 
  • Realigned cfg 
  • ESEA Update fixed 
  • Fixed sensitvity problem now 
  • Aimbot doesnt lock when holding knife, nades, or c4 now

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