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[Forum] 09/03/2020

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TildaCheats Rank Overview
+ re-design


Hey everyone,

Since our badges for each rank are outdated in design, so we decided to change them completely. Overall, the badges have received a complete design update, simple and beautiful.
Also, many do not know what gives or how to get any rank. This topic will display all ranks, with new badges and a description. If I missed something, you can notify me in private chat.


Staff Ranks


The Administrators are the ones in charge of TildaCheats. They form the agenda, add new features, appoint new staff members, develop new software for project and have the final say in each and every crucial decision.


Moderators watch over the forum(s) they are assigned to. They will handle your reports, but are also the ones to contact should you be having any problems. Moderators are also responsible for profile reports. Contrary to what many users believe, moderators cannot ban anyone! Moderators also do not have access to user details (email addresses, IP addresses, etc.).


Developers mostly work on updates and improvements to the software. Members with this rank will have a considerable level of access. This includes access to many internal discussion forums as well as code repositories where we store and maintain the source code of our custom-made add-ons for our forum software. This is also the reason why you cannot formally apply for this rank. Instead the board administrators will appoint new developers if they deem someone competent and trustworthy.


Special Ranks


This rank is to specifically honor (business) partners and generous backers. You can formally apply for this rank. You should buy a subscription, afterwards you can get some cheats for any period of time (read the description above subscription). This rank gives you access to all private sections except the administrative level and to all cheats, even beta & alpha versions.


An ordinary rank, almost no different from the usual user (Member), except for the visual component.

Invited Member

This rank CANNOT be purchased officially. This is issued to verified users with the rank (Trusted) at the request of the administration. This rank gives you access to all private sections except the administrative level and to all cheats.


User Ranks


This rank can be obtained at the discretion of the administration, if you are an official seller of our products. With this rank, you get unlimited access to our public cheats and a discount on the purchase of keys / gifts in the form of a subscription to our SOFTWARE.


This rank can be obtained officially by passing full verification. Allows you to get the following ranks: Invited Member, Re-Seller.


People with this rank help to maintain the life of the project. You will receive this rank after purchasing any product other than a donation. With this rank, you get priority support and access to the private premium section on the forum.


This is the default and first rank that a registered user gets. 🙂


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