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[ESEA Cheat] update 11/30/2019

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After a long update of our software for such a League as ESEA (approximately took 2 months) - the software is available for sale to verified users. During this time, we decided to reduce the number of slots for this product, from 10 to 5. The software will cost from 200 per month with the correct passage of verification, otherwise it will be more expensive (as the region of residence also affects the final cost).

We have updated the software and added at the moment the minimum number of functions.Removed most of it(read more below, in changelog).
Detailed list of features : https://tildacheats.cc/index.php?/topic/34-faceit-esea-multi-leagues-softwares-league-cheat/


Changelog :

  • Security : Fully recoded software base.
  • Security : Fully recoded driver.
  • Triggerbot was removed permanently.
  • Configuration System was removed permanently.
  • Sound ESP was removed temporary.
  • External Radar was removed temporary.

General changelog : 

  • Aimbot : fixed sensitvity problem now.
  • Aimbot : aimbot doesnt lock when holding knife, nades, or c4 now.

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