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Become a Sponsor today!

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You may have already seen the rank "Sponsor" around the forum and may have wondered what that's all about...
Well to answer your question, this is the rank top-tier donators get.


  • With our Sponsor rank you will get LIFETIME access to all current & future cheats. And access for purchase to private cheats without verification process.
  • You will get priority support over others.
  • You will get your own xxx@tildacheats.cc email address.
  • Free access to ALPHA & BETA builds of current & future cheats.
  • Purple username color with effects and other visual features and more forum permissions.

How to become a Sponsor?
It's very simple, you can buy it here: https://tildacheats.cc/subscriptions/ and you will automatically be upgraded to Sponsor.

Sponsor slots left: 1

Active Sponsors list:
2. @soulja-
3. @Sen66
4. @Fender Bender

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Last slot is available for this offer to everyone. This offer is exclusive and can only be purchased by 5 people.

Get in touch with @Curious or @DX1, if you want to get this unique rank.

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