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[PUBG] 11/24/2020

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Status was changed from Updating to Undetected.
The cheat was not detected on AMD processors, only Intel. This update possibly fix the BattlEye detection, unfortunately I am not 100% sure of it as it is quite hard to narrow it down, so the BattlEye status will stay "Unknown" for some time.
In the meantime, XignCode added yet another method to take screenshots. Their new method is now blocked. A total of 3 weeks have been added to all PUBG subscriptions. PUBG subscriptions will still be extended until we are confident the cheat is 100% safe again.

Upd: Cheat is Undetected on Intel / AMD CPU.


* Updated a protection against BattlEye
* Added a new screenshot bypass for a new method used by XignCode

* Added a second screenshot cleaner to bypass a second method used by XignCode
* Fixed a bug with the screenshot cleaner when running the game in some fullscreen configuration
* Visuals are no longer visible on screenshots taken by the steam overlay

	- With this update, some changes were made with how the cheat render its visuals.
	  Please report here if you have any visual glitch, or have problems injecting the hack.

* Smoothed the RCS so it no longer shakes
* Fixed a bug with KeepTarget that wouldn't work with SwapTarget disabled

	- This update improve the Recoil Control System. It is possible that the server-side anticheat was detecting it
	as it was shaking quite a lot, especially with low or no smooth.
	Hopefully this update drastically reduce the chance of being banned.


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