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[Forums] [Invitation & Verification] 1/16/2021

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Dear community,

We have revised the invitation and verification system and released a small update. Now getting one of our cheats has become much easier, and the system is more efficient. Now you don't have to wait for a response from the head-administrator, but just go to a special forum and follow a few steps.
We have created 2 application forms. They differ only in obtaining a higher or lower level of trust factor.
At the moment, level 2 is the highest. It allows you to access cheats like: FaceIT PRO, Valorant, Overwatch, ESEA. The rest of the cheats are available at the first level of applications.

Quick Tutorial:


1. Go to the main forum's page and find special section. Select the first category.




2. You need to select one of approval forms.




3. Fill out the application and click the submit button.





1. After submited application, any of moderators / administrators will provide to you - verification tool and token.

2. Copy token and open verification tool as administrator. Paste token and press enter.

3. Program will verify your PC and after verification you should make a screenshot with a results.



That's all. You just have to wait for a verdict from the administration. 
If you still have questions, create a topic in the dedicated section or a ticket in the support center.

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