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Template for Testimonials

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Testimonial Template

To maintain a certain level of quality for all reviews, feel free to use the following ideas as a guide for a more thorough testimonial!
Topic titles should indicate which cheat(s) you will be reviewing.

  • Usability / Functionality
  • Functions / Features
    • Please describe your experience with specific features of our products (Aimbot, ESP, Misc, ETC.)
  • Safety
    • This is in regards to anti-cheat support and detections (or lack thereof). This does not include self-inflicted bans (ie. Overwatch bans, fairfight bans, using untrusted features, etc.)
  • Support
    • Our supports or other community members have helped you. Let us know!
  • Conclusion
    • Any other thoughts or general comments regarding cheats / community / etc.

This template is not required to post a review, but make it as detailed as possible. Detailed reviews creators will get 1 additional week to their subscription.

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