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[Rust] 8/10/2023

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Updated Rust product information: (private ALPHA features can not be revealed, possible one of them called Server C****** :classic_ohmy:)



* Added Auto Upgrade (2 variables: upgrade from & upgrade to (0 = twig; 1 = wood; 2 = stone; 3 = metal; 4 = HQM)
* Added Sign Painter (Open Sign Paint GUI, open console and write following command: .tc_paint_{link to the image}
(all URLs supported, also required URL of IMAGE only)
* Added Chat Spammer (ALPHA) (First off, use this command local.loadspamlist {name of spam list}, then use local.toggle chatspam)
* Added Force FakeLag (ALPHA) (If someone aims on you, you start lagging (for enemy), useful for HVHing too)
* Added Force 3rd Person on vehicles (cars, mini, scrap heli, tugboats, submarines) (Different vehicles have different 3rd person
values set for comfortable gameplay)
* Added Enemy Detection (ALPHA) (Checks if your enemy (Steam ID64) joined the server or plays on the server)
(Useful to stream snipe :) )
* Added Instant Suicide back (might be detected on some servers, don't use it too often)
* Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link
will be copied into your clipboard)

* Manipulation Improved (now up to 12m, fake lag enabled required)
* Name Spoof fixed
* Silent Farm Improved (now jackhammer farms without long delays)



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