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[CS2 (Multi-League & Extended)] 10/4/2023

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CS2 Cheat Release

We are excited to announce the release of a new first generation product for Counter-Strike 2 from TildaCheats. The slight delay in the release of this product was due to the fact that we needed to release the most completed, high-quality and, most importantly, secure product that you can use on your most valuable accounts without a high risk of getting banned.

New features & Supported anti-cheats

We have taken into account our past mistakes with many versions of CS:GO cheats and the complexity of configuring them. For CS2 there are now only 2 versions of the product: Multi-League & Extended. First version supports all basic tier II ACs and the Extended version supports all the same anti-cheats but with the addition of FaceIt Client, ESEA Client, AKROS. Setting up the cheat now does not differ depending on the league, everything is as simple and the same.
Use the links below to find out more about the product: Updated Features List | Supported ACs List | Live Status

Slots & Pricing

Since we have put all the cheat builds together and updated and improved them for the new version of the game, the price of the product has increased. There is no specific price for this type of product, everything is set individually, but the minimum price for a monthly subscription & slot for Multi-League: from €150 and for Extended: from €650.
You can see the number of free slots by this link: https://tildacheats.cc/choose.status



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