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Rust Cheat (LVL 3) review - TildaCheats.

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Here's a post of my original review after having used the cheat after a week but since then I've used for an entire month and feel my review should update to reflect that.

This section has been overhauled due to the amount of features that have been added/changed.. First and foremost, this aimbot is perfect for players who either rage or play legit. It offers a lot of standard features you'd expect like smooth, bone selection, thick bullet, customizable recoil compensation, and working manipulation + magic bullets, but that's not all because this cheat goes above and beyond providing features either side will enjoy.

Prediction has been massively improved and now primitive weapons handle a lot better. There are various "force" features that are incredibly powerful depending on how you use them. 'Force HS' is as it sounds but so much more. It will redirect your bullet to the targets head no matter where you hit them. Perfect when fighting against other hackers or if you like to pure HS rage. 'Force random' is the opposite of HS, it will strike the target in a random place regardless of where your aim is. Which is a "legit" players best friend because it makes combatlog look legit. Also, there's a safety feature to prevent double HS from happening.

'Force HS NPC' is always on and I suggest keeping it on because it's awesome. Just like 'Force HS', it will force HS on NPC's only. Great for clearing out tunnels or any other monument that has scientist, while also not having to worry about pure HS'ing a random player that comes along. Lastly, there's 'Force weakpoint' if you want to take down the patrol heli in a few seconds, and no, that's not an exaggeration, then use this feature. It will redirect all your shots to hit the weak points of the heli, making it easy to take down.

Honestly, there's no cheat that has ever provided this many features for so many types of players before and this is JUST the aimbot, there's plenty more down below.

This ESP contains literally everything a Rust player expects in their cheat. Crates, animals, NPC, players, vehicles, dropped weapons, backpacks, corpses and so much more. When it comes to ESP, this should be standard but sadly is lacking with a lot of other providers.

There have been some updates adding more choices/sliders to various sections but I'd like this to be expanded upon because, unlike before, where I can now choose which traps to look out for, the distance slider is still bound to the overall structure tab instead of an exclusive traps section slider but I'm sure this will be improved in the future.

I should also mention again, chams. A feature I've literally never seen outside of this cheat. It's the best legit setting for ESP if you're trying to appear legit and a great addition.

Now! We have a lot of standard features and they work pretty much as expected. Debugcam, always day, spiderman, automatic weapon, melee range, unblock sprint and instant Eoka. Not going to go into these because they work and if you're at all familiar with Rust hacks, then you'll know them by heart.

Fly is a unique feature that rarely any developer does and this one is great. This feature allows you to fly up slightly, bump into a wall and keep flying up, rinse and repeat. Why would you want this? Because I've scaled to the top of Launch site with it for EZ gains. It works wonders once you get used to it and an awesome feature to have.

Instant/auto medical is kinda weird. You just equip a healing item and it does it for you a bit faster than if you were to do it yourself. I have no idea if this is intended either but if you heal, while the feature is active, most of the time you'll doubt heal. It uses the same amount of heals but clearly twice as fast. Great when in a firefight and you have to heal quickly.

Walk on Water has been vastly improved. Where it once was a strange version of a flyhack that mostly got people banned. It's now a feature you can leave on and it turns all water into a walk-able surface. So it pretty much has the same interaction as if you were on ground.

'Always hit hotspot' is great, makes clearing trees and what not out faster while also allowing players to keep an eye on their surroundings. Though it should be considered a "rage" feature because it's obvious you're hacking and any admin viewing you will know. So use with caution if you're on a admin heavy server.

This cheat doesn't disappoint and is leagues above any cheat out there on the market in every aspect. The community is tightly knit and the developers are active and passionate about making the best cheat possible. It's internal and runs butter smooth and has had no detection issue during my sub time, with a working original spoofer to boot!

When it comes to cheats, I'll be coming back to TildaCheats from now on and from the looks of it, the devs will have lots more coming in the future.

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