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Review - Rust Alpha

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I was so lucky to get a spot as ALPHA tester a couple of weeks back, and I must say this is one of the greatest hacks I've tried in a long long time. And I've been trying various products since the times of artifical aiming in early experimental up to now, and this is by far the best.

The Aimbot has really good prediction up to around 300m, good enough for me!
With features like thick bullet, draw prediction, smoothness, bone selector+++ this makes a real wholesome aimbot.
Have to say It's really fun to dome people at 200 meter with compound bow and thick bullet put to max or peak people with long neck and no-spread insta eoka them from 100m without them even realize what hit them lol

And if you want to play semi legit it has bone randomizer and recoil slider to not get caught by recoil plugins or cerburus.
Or if you just want to rage it's fully capable of that too. Even chews up heli in no time

Esp is nice and tidy categorized and fully customizable with the most important features seen thru a players eyes and not just coder brain as I've seen a few times before. It's not cluttered and no performance hit as I noticed. Just try to keep your fingers of the stashes, it will get you banned pretty quick on many servers.

And bunch of other different features and Exploits as: admin flag with bruteforce debugcamera, noclip that let's you jump up to launch if your careful, walk on water and stances to troll people. And many other exploits, which I can't openly talk about, since they are private.

The devs also been very active, respectful and listens to feedback and seem to have a lot of Rust and server knowledge, this by itself makes the purchase worth it for me.

Not that it matters the most, but the menu is also dope!

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