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Found 21 results

  1. Changelog: * Updated for the latest patch (all exploits are still working, confirmed)
  2. Curious

    [Rust] 5/30/2024

    Changelog: * Added Speedhack limit bar * Fixed some BulletTP invalids * Reworked Silent Farm (due to recent changes with LOS protection in Rust, you need to follow X mark on the trees) * Added Silent Farm Auto-Move (same method as Manipulation Auto-Move, but just for a different feature)
  3. DX1

    [Rust] 5/30/2024

    Changelog: * Reworked Manipulation (now it works way better) * Added Manipulation Auto-Move * Fixed Anti-Fly hack kick bar (now works properly) * Removed Hidden Stashes ESP (since it is patched) * Added new private feature which can help to enter the rock (for a rock base)
  4. Curious

    [Rust] 4/8/2024

    Changelog: * Show Stashes feature removed from the cheat (no longer networked by the server) * Added Smart HP Bar (HP prediction, might be wrong in some moments) * Added new flyhack anti-kick feature (this method is not patched) * Added new chams types * Improved Performance
  5. Curious

    [Rust] 3/27/2024

    Our Internal (LVL3) is still Undetected, but some people still got banned during recent ban wave, we disabled some modules in the cheat & configuration manager to prevent further bans. You will need to configure the cheat everytime you inject it, unfortunately, it will take some time to bypass new EAC update & add config manager back. Also External (legit) version of the cheat is currently down, so you need to use only Internal which is safe to use! Changelog: * Removed config manager (temporarily) * Removed External version of the cheat (temporarily)
  6. Curious

    [Rust] 1/26/2024

    Due to strange Rust update (1/24/2024), our cheat couldn't update itself (*we have auto-update system in our internal*) and cheat update has been pushed with a delay. Subscription time compensated + 3 days as additional compensation. Changelog: * Updated for latest game patch.
  7. DX1

    [Rust] 8/10/2023

    Updated Rust product information: (private ALPHA features can not be revealed, possible one of them called Server C****** ) Changelog: * Added Auto Upgrade (2 variables: upgrade from & upgrade to (0 = twig; 1 = wood; 2 = stone; 3 = metal; 4 = HQM) * Added Sign Painter (Open Sign Paint GUI, open console and write following command: .tc_paint_{link to the image} (all URLs supported, also required URL of IMAGE only) * Added Chat Spammer (ALPHA) (First off, use this command local.loadspamlist {name of spam list}, then use local.toggle chatspam) * Added Force FakeLag (ALPHA) (If someone aims on you, you start lagging (for enemy), useful for HVHing too) * Added Force 3rd Person on vehicles (cars, mini, scrap heli, tugboats, submarines) (Different vehicles have different 3rd person values set for comfortable gameplay) * Added Enemy Detection (ALPHA) (Checks if your enemy (Steam ID64) joined the server or plays on the server) (Useful to stream snipe :) ) * Added Instant Suicide back (might be detected on some servers, don't use it too often) * Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link will be copied into your clipboard) Improvements: * Manipulation Improved (now up to 12m, fake lag enabled required) * Name Spoof fixed * Silent Farm Improved (now jackhammer farms without long delays)
  8. Curious

    [Rust] 2/3/2023

    Changelog: * Updated for latest game patch * Changed STW logic (less invalid shots)
  9. Curious

    [Rust] 6/7/2022

    Rust Cheat (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) received an update to the latest version of EasyAntiCheat. EasyAntiCheat Updated for Rust: 31/05/2022 12:37:04; EasyAntiCheat Updated for Rust: 07/06/2022 12:39:32; Also we added some useful & fun features, to learn more about the features of the product you can check this topic: https://tildacheats.cc/topic/27-rust-lvl-1-lvl-2-lvl-3/
  10. Curious

    [Rust] 1/26/2022

    There have been a lot of updates from EAC (Rust only) recently, which has caused many providers to have security problems. We have started to investigate the reasons for the reduced security of our internal (LVL3). We will most likely recode the kernel for this version in the future, it will take some time. This update only affected internal cheats and spoofers in most cases. Our external version is updated and is still undetected for the anticheat. Changelog: * Updated to latest game version (Last game update: 01/06/2022 06.54 PM (UTC)). * Fixed minors bugs. Status: * Rust (Level 3)(Internal) is frozen and not available for use.
  11. Curious

    [Rust] 9/10/2021

    Changelog: New features: * Added Hotbar ESP, once activated it should display the targets equipped items. Just aim at the target and a dialog should pop up that you can move around freely * Added Always HS: Will hit the head no matter what bodypart you hit. Example: You shoot someone with an arrow or bullet in the leg and the projectile will be redirected to the head no matter where the target has been hit * Added "Always Hit Hotspot", works on trees and ores (similar to Auto Farm, which is fixed on some modded servers) Improvements: * Fixed BSODs on injection stage * Fixed some perfomance issues
  12. Curious

    [Rust] 8/17/2021

    Added some new features, increased perfomance for LVL1 / LVL2. Changelog: * Improved Perfomance (Level 1 / Level 2) * Improved Security * Added Mini ESP * Added Flying State For Mini ESP * Prediction Fixed
  13. Curious

    [Rust] 5/7/2021

    If you find new bugs, let us know (only in private section). * Updated to latest game patch
  14. Curious

    [Rust] 4/12/2021

    The product has been successfully updated and tested. Several additional features have also been added. * Improved Performance * Improved Security * Improved Menu Customization * Discord overlay is not needed anymore, new requirement is Borderless fullscreeen Features: * Added ESP for berrys, pumpkins, potato and corn * Added timer ESP of hackable crates * Added ESP option to show turret direction * Added ESP of Tool Cupboard upkeep timer * Added ESP of Tool Cupboard authorisation list * Added pSilent Aimbot * Added Slider for recoil compensation
  15. DX1

    [General] 3/22/2021

    Due to the detection of one of our products and a critical update from one of the anti-cheats, we got a lot of work, which is why our activity on the forums has decreased significantly, we ask you to understand and be patient. * All open support tickets will be decided tomorrow * Rust (LVL 1-2): * Security is being updated ... Rust (LVL 3); EFT; Fortnite: Due to the detection of Rust Cheat, we temporarily changed injection & display method for this cheats. More information find in private section. HWID Spoofer: You might be banned, if you used our spoofer since 18 Oct, 2021. Spoofer already updated, but requires to be tested.
  16. DX1

    [Rust] 3/22/2021

    Rust Cheat (1 Level / 2 Level), was detected few days ago. One of ours accounts got banned by anti-cheat. Cheats related to EasyAntiCheat under investigation and frozen for few days. * Improved perfomance (LVL1-2 & LVL 3) * Updated to latest game patch (Unity Version 2019.4.22f1)
  17. DX1

    [Rust] 11/24/2020

    New big update for Rust. The public version has been updated and is safe to use. Also a nice update for sponsors or Invited members. Changelog: * Changed a security measure against EAC, boosting performance a lot * Fixed a detection on Intel / AMD CPU * Fixed BSOD because of an EAC update * Fixed the Aimbot prediction and drop correction for the compound bow * Fixed Aimbot on the cargo ship and hot air balloon * Added custom color for Rock Stone, Metal and Sulfur * Removed no-recoil * Added Recoil Control System to the Aimbot New cheat's menu design: (_alpha & _beta builds available for Sponsors & Invited Members)
  18. DX1

    [Rust] 09/04/2020

    After releasing the Fortnite Gen. 5 Cheat, we of course couldn't forget about Rust. Now completely upgraded with a BUNCH of new features and improvements. We welcome you to our fourth generation Rust cheat. We will rise our Rust subscription price very soon. You can find more details here: https://tildacheats.cc/forum/27-detailed-information-about-our-products/ * Added: Recoil Compensation * Added: No Spread * Added: Infinite Eoka * Added: Extend Melee * Added: Instant Charge * Added: No Penalties * Added: Ore ESP * Added: Admin Mode * Added: Air Stuck * Added: Aqua-Man * Added: Force Running * Added: Always Day
  19. Our private version Rust LVL3. Works without any bans for 2 months. We have returned several functions, read more about it in the change log. Changelog : Silent Aim added back. FlyHack will be added soon. ESP Chams added back. Added ThickBullet (right now without slider). Added BulletSpeed Multiplier. Added Magic Bullet - at the moment use at your own risk.
  20. Due to the recent big loader update, there were new bugs and failures with the injections of the cheats. Today we fixed some bugs for the software : Rust & PUBG. Mostly to Rust. Also recently there was an update of the game : Rust. We have updated offsets and changed driver certificates. Errors can occur and you should only expect a complete fix of all errors - if you can not inject the software. All subscriptions will be renewed. Change Log: Converted the cheat to be compatible with IL2CPP. Improved performance. Fixed BSOD when injecting after the IL2CPP update.
  21. Software updates : > PUBG > Rust > CSGO MatchMaking