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  3. Anticheat Status : - EasyAntiCheat: Undetected To see the exact status : https://tildacheats.cc/index.php?/status/ Game version : - Latest ... Cheat features: - Internal (very good performance) - Built-in HWID Spoofer - Streamproof (Shadow Play, OBS and etc.) - Borderless & Full screen game mode supported - Panic Bind / Cheat Unload Bind - Enable (On / Off) - Style (FOV / Distance) - Target (Head / Body / Legs / Neck / Auto) - Use smooth (On / Off) - Smooth - FOV (On / Off) - FOV Size - Show Aim Fov - Sticky Aim - Max Distance - Silent Aim - Magic Bullet (with keybind) - Increased Damage (with keybind) (1 hit = 1 kill) - Accurate Prediction - Random Bone - Silent Aim Hitchance (0-100%) - Skeleton - 2D Box - 2D Line - Health - Name - Distance - Projectile ESP - No Sway - No Recoil - God mode - Extended Heal (heal your teammates in 1000m range) - Configuration Manager (Create / Delete / Save / Load / Re-name / Copy Share Link) - Cloud Config - Panic Bind - Cheat Unload Bind - Cheat Menu Color - Watermark
  4. Curious

    The Finals Cheat

    Last Detection: never Initial Release: 13.12.2023 This cheat is require to pass any of approval forms before purchase!
  5. The Finals Cheat. Initial Release: 13.12.2023.

    • Internal - Good Perfomance
    • Easy to use, fast launch.
    • Built-in spoofer.

    Known bugs:

    • none

    Features (link):



    • Not Limited


    Supported Anti-Cheats:

    • EasyAntiCheat


    From $0.00

  6. Thanks for the review! DM me and I will provide you a free subscription.
  7. I must say beforehand that I have played CS since it was a 1.6, but I have never purchased serious game cheese until Fall 2021. SCAM LEVEL: 0/10 SERVICE QUALITY: 12/10 PRICE (COMPARED TO OTHER SELLERS) 8/10 When looking for videogame cheats to purchase for "big boy money" from an actual developer, I primarily focused on reliability and the cheese not being some sorta scam. If you are reading this review, unsure whether or not to spend your money on this service - I commend you for your cautiousness. It always serves well to be careful, or maybe rise questions over suspicious activity over your authorization taking too long, even to the point of creating threads in forums regarding your application ticket gaining suspicious amount of views. If this is your first time and you feel the instructions to obtain authorization are too suspicious, everything is normal with you. I personally felt MAD SUS. Despite feeling like I definitely annoyed TildaCheats staff with my sus feelings during first purchases, I was surprised to see them assist me within 24H to authorize me, as well as spend quite some time troubleshooting why my loader wont work. Every time I had a reason to think that I wasted $200+ on a monthly subscription, tildacheats quickly finds a way to humble me. I know myself as a very impatient person (why tf do you think im buying сhеаts for CS & Rust & DayZ LMFAO), but the way @Curious and @ShyNoX has assisted me had me feel like losing 2 days out of my 30 month subscription is a very very very small loss compared to the service they provide me. The reason I take away 1 point from SERVICE QUALITY is because you need to purchase cheese in order to become verified in order to be able to see forum threads that prove that tildacheats is a reputable and trusted service. I want to highlight that while I sometimes see people complain about tildacheats locking their account despite doing nothing wrong, when I personally requested a HWID reset 4 TIMES IN 6 HOURS due to being stupid about connecting & disconnecting my external monitor, they rather politely explained to me how HWID works and assisted all 4 times. I am eager to believe that you have to do something wrong in order to "waste your money" by not being able to use the service anymore. Despite the fact that it is very unlikely that the loader will work during your first time, it serves very well to put your trust in TildaCheats staff. While I might be a rare case of stupidity, it took me ~24 hours to get the cheese working properly. The entire time I was given suggestions by tildacheats staff to try this or that, including having them connect to and directly access my PC when they ran out of options. I think it was when they offered that option and spent ~1H on it, that I completely stopped thinking that tildacheats.cc was scammy in any way. Before you would even get to tildacheats.cc having to assist you directly, you will likely have gone through multiple threads with suggestions from staff on why cheese might not be working. Should I mention that they offer the most crazy exploits / features that other services do, but for considerably lesser price? I'm not even talking about their extreme low undetection rate. NOW FOR THE ACTUAL CHEESE RATINGS The cheese that is offered can really be broken down into 4 parts: ESP (seeing objects around you anywhere), AIMBOT, MISCELLANNEOUS & SECURITY ESP: 9/10 The ESP is exactly how you expect a cheese ESP to work. It shows you items around you, with possibility to adjust the distance these items are shown at. You can really say goodbye to any loot that you previously missed out on because it was spawned in the fucked up corner of a ruined building. You will, however, discover just how many servers are set up horribly because items often spawn in places you can never retrieve them from. Surprisingly, if you have a shit of a PC, tildacheats also accommodates you in that you can adjust the update rate of the loot, making it less overwhelming to use ESP on large distances on weak computers. The reason for taking away one point is not because tildacheats sucks, but rather because of how the game engine works. Any non-vanilla, modded item will fall under ESP category of "UNSORTED". It is important to understand that tildacheats does this in order to increase security and avoid detection from BattleEye. I personally found out that the only way to combat that is to set loot ESP distance to less than 100m when looting. As always, the best way to use the ESP to avoid detection is using it to the minimum; act like you would still act without ESP, loot like you would still loot without ESP, play like you would still play without ESP. While that might sound redundant in some way, it doesnt really matter when you see an enemy skeleton 1000m away with exact weapon in his hand and are given at least 10 minutes to plan your unsuspicious course of actions. All of this applies to DayZ as well as Rust. If we talk about CS cheat from tildacheats, everything is fine there too, ESP works perfectly, but usually I play only with Sound ESP or radar on the second computer. AIMBOT: 10/10 I have to admit that I do not know enough about the aimbot being to provide an honest rating. I do not play Dayz for the sake of landing perfect shots like I would in any other FPS. I do not enjoy having the highest KD during my playthrough. All of those things lead to eventually being detected. Almost 90% of my usage of tildacheats.cc service is limited to using ESP only. In Rust you have few types of aimbot, from legit to rage one, both are working fine, select any of these based on your playstyle. CS2 has excellent and most importantly very flexible customisation of the aimbot, it can be made as smooth and unpredictable as possible for AI detection, thanks to the advanced randomisation system that is enabled by default. MISCELLANEOUS: 10/10 Giving it 10/10 because it is what it says it is. As I already mentioned before, tildacheats.cc offers you the best exploits & misc features for Rust & DayZ you can find on the public market. DayZ: From the ability to change latitude is incredible, especially on servers where nighttime is made more difficult, resulting in your character seeing zero shit in the dark or even with a flashlight on, to loot teleport, items dupe & no clip. Rust: From basic no-recoil & flyhack features to shooting through the wall, admin ESP and many others. There are many other features in the MISC section, but I will have to admit that at the moment of writing this review, I have not used tildacheats for half a month and do not remember all exact features in the tab anymore. I still felt compelled to write the review of this section as I am planning to continue using tildacheats.cc in the foreseeable future; I shall update this section once I re-sub. SECURITY: 10/10 Nuff said. I have used the same tildacheats.cc subscription across 3 different accounts for a total of 2 years. Needless to say, I have not been detected yet. Not sure what more can be expected of in this category. This provider is the most reliable in terms of detections and may seem overpriced, but it is 100% worth it.
  8. Curious

    [Rust] 4/8/2024

    Changelog: * Show Stashes feature removed from the cheat (no longer networked by the server) * Added Smart HP Bar (HP prediction, might be wrong in some moments) * Added new flyhack anti-kick feature (this method is not patched) * Added new chams types * Improved Performance
  9. Curious

    [Rust] 3/27/2024

    Our Internal (LVL3) is still Undetected, but some people still got banned during recent ban wave, we disabled some modules in the cheat & configuration manager to prevent further bans. You will need to configure the cheat everytime you inject it, unfortunately, it will take some time to bypass new EAC update & add config manager back. Also External (legit) version of the cheat is currently down, so you need to use only Internal which is safe to use! Changelog: * Removed config manager (temporarily) * Removed External version of the cheat (temporarily)
  10. Curious

    [EFT] 1/26/2024

    We have reworked our Loot TP feature, now ALL teleported items will appear in your inventory. You can also steal something from Player's inventory or some attachments from their guns (like Scopes, silencers and etc.). Loot TP feature is currently fully UNDETECTED. Changelog: * Loot TP feature rework.
  11. Curious

    [Rust] 1/26/2024

    Due to strange Rust update (1/24/2024), our cheat couldn't update itself (*we have auto-update system in our internal*) and cheat update has been pushed with a delay. Subscription time compensated + 3 days as additional compensation. Changelog: * Updated for latest game patch.
  12. I've been a part of this successful test and i can say it is for real not a quickcash grab, we went trough a real timespan where i thought it would even be discontinued but every time @Curious came with the good news, can say that this dev is the one trustworthy of all i even dealed with. Now about the software: Really good for legit playing Visuals are comfortable enough and being improved everytime Aimbot has a good prediction, even on flying targets Ragebot & Exploits help to destroy any cheater in Rust Exploits working just fine, and you got pretty much what you need on gameplay Hands down one of the best cheats. I would recommend anyone to buy that is looking for something undetected and want to last long on accounts. The cheat itself went from basic to being advanced over time and there are lots to come in the future the dev is very open-minded.
  13. Here's a post of my original review after having used the cheat after a week but since then I've used for an entire month and feel my review should update to reflect that. Aimbot: This section has been overhauled due to the amount of features that have been added/changed.. First and foremost, this aimbot is perfect for players who either rage or play legit. It offers a lot of standard features you'd expect like smooth, bone selection, thick bullet, customizable recoil compensation, and working manipulation + magic bullets, but that's not all because this cheat goes above and beyond providing features either side will enjoy. Prediction has been massively improved and now primitive weapons handle a lot better. There are various "force" features that are incredibly powerful depending on how you use them. 'Force HS' is as it sounds but so much more. It will redirect your bullet to the targets head no matter where you hit them. Perfect when fighting against other hackers or if you like to pure HS rage. 'Force random' is the opposite of HS, it will strike the target in a random place regardless of where your aim is. Which is a "legit" players best friend because it makes combatlog look legit. Also, there's a safety feature to prevent double HS from happening. 'Force HS NPC' is always on and I suggest keeping it on because it's awesome. Just like 'Force HS', it will force HS on NPC's only. Great for clearing out tunnels or any other monument that has scientist, while also not having to worry about pure HS'ing a random player that comes along. Lastly, there's 'Force weakpoint' if you want to take down the patrol heli in a few seconds, and no, that's not an exaggeration, then use this feature. It will redirect all your shots to hit the weak points of the heli, making it easy to take down. Honestly, there's no cheat that has ever provided this many features for so many types of players before and this is JUST the aimbot, there's plenty more down below. ESP: This ESP contains literally everything a Rust player expects in their cheat. Crates, animals, NPC, players, vehicles, dropped weapons, backpacks, corpses and so much more. When it comes to ESP, this should be standard but sadly is lacking with a lot of other providers. There have been some updates adding more choices/sliders to various sections but I'd like this to be expanded upon because, unlike before, where I can now choose which traps to look out for, the distance slider is still bound to the overall structure tab instead of an exclusive traps section slider but I'm sure this will be improved in the future. I should also mention again, chams. A feature I've literally never seen outside of this cheat. It's the best legit setting for ESP if you're trying to appear legit and a great addition. Misc: Now! We have a lot of standard features and they work pretty much as expected. Debugcam, always day, spiderman, automatic weapon, melee range, unblock sprint and instant Eoka. Not going to go into these because they work and if you're at all familiar with Rust hacks, then you'll know them by heart. Fly is a unique feature that rarely any developer does and this one is great. This feature allows you to fly up slightly, bump into a wall and keep flying up, rinse and repeat. Why would you want this? Because I've scaled to the top of Launch site with it for EZ gains. It works wonders once you get used to it and an awesome feature to have. Instant/auto medical is kinda weird. You just equip a healing item and it does it for you a bit faster than if you were to do it yourself. I have no idea if this is intended either but if you heal, while the feature is active, most of the time you'll doubt heal. It uses the same amount of heals but clearly twice as fast. Great when in a firefight and you have to heal quickly. Walk on Water has been vastly improved. Where it once was a strange version of a flyhack that mostly got people banned. It's now a feature you can leave on and it turns all water into a walk-able surface. So it pretty much has the same interaction as if you were on ground. 'Always hit hotspot' is great, makes clearing trees and what not out faster while also allowing players to keep an eye on their surroundings. Though it should be considered a "rage" feature because it's obvious you're hacking and any admin viewing you will know. So use with caution if you're on a admin heavy server. Overall: This cheat doesn't disappoint and is leagues above any cheat out there on the market in every aspect. The community is tightly knit and the developers are active and passionate about making the best cheat possible. It's internal and runs butter smooth and has had no detection issue during my sub time, with a working original spoofer to boot! When it comes to cheats, I'll be coming back to TildaCheats from now on and from the looks of it, the devs will have lots more coming in the future.
  14. The Finals Cheat Release We are excited to announce the release of a new first generation product for The Finals from TildaCheats. This game has started to gain popularity and as for me seemed interesting enough, so we release the cheat, which we use ourselves, for our users. Slots & Pricing This game does not have strong protection against cheating, just a weak modification of EAC, so the number of slots will be around 50 and will not require level 2 user verification. At the moment the cheat is in beta testing and the pricing will be known only when we add this product to the store on our website. Media
  15. We recently added an insane feature to our PUBG product that will give you the ability to gain an incredible advantage over your enemies. This feature is currently only available for Sponsors. Showcase: Changelog: * Added Mount Teleport Exploit
  16. Changelog: * Added Fog ESP (Fog bypass)(might be a bit delayed)
  17. Curious

    [EFT] 10/16/2023

    New added feature is available only in ALPHA version of the cheat (ready to use for Sponsors). Changelog: * Loot Teleport (Loot Type Selection: Weapons, Barter Items, Armor, Ammo, Cases, Quest Items, Backpacks, All (nearest)).
  18. DX1

    [Rust] 5/10/2023

    Updated for latest game patch. Good luck!
  19. Curious

    Valorant Cheat

    Last Detection: never Initial Release: 26.10.2022 This cheat is currently available only to sponsors!
  20. CS2 Cheat Release We are excited to announce the release of a new first generation product for Counter-Strike 2 from TildaCheats. The slight delay in the release of this product was due to the fact that we needed to release the most completed, high-quality and, most importantly, secure product that you can use on your most valuable accounts without a high risk of getting banned. New features & Supported anti-cheats We have taken into account our past mistakes with many versions of CS:GO cheats and the complexity of configuring them. For CS2 there are now only 2 versions of the product: Multi-League & Extended. First version supports all basic tier II ACs and the Extended version supports all the same anti-cheats but with the addition of FaceIt Client, ESEA Client, AKROS. Setting up the cheat now does not differ depending on the league, everything is as simple and the same. Use the links below to find out more about the product: Updated Features List | Supported ACs List | Live Status Slots & Pricing Since we have put all the cheat builds together and updated and improved them for the new version of the game, the price of the product has increased. There is no specific price for this type of product, everything is set individually, but the minimum price for a monthly subscription & slot for Multi-League: from €150 and for Extended: from €650. You can see the number of free slots by this link: https://tildacheats.cc/choose.status Media
  21. DX1

    [DayZ] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Performance * Increased distance of Heli Crash
  22. DX1

    [Rust] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Added Dynamic Desync indicator * Improved Performance
  23. DX1

    [EFT] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Aimbot Prediction
  24. Dear community, You may have noticed that I've been offline for a while. There were a number of reasons for this, including my job, holidays and, to be honest, a bit of old-fashioned laziness. This will continue for some time for the same reasons. From now on, you can always reach me via PM. If you've sent a message that went unanswered, please feel free to send it again. Now let's talk about the current situation with ESEA products. We currently have two types of products available. One type is hardware based and the other is program based, which used to be our main product. We used hardware based as a transitional product until we could ensure the security of our older product. The good news is that our DMA cheat product is now back on the market and available for Invited Members for free. Just open a ticket or PM me on forums, if you want to try it out and help us with advanced testings. For those of you who aren't in a Invited group yet and are interested in purchasing our ESEA cheat, you can apply for it here. You need to select Level 2 application (i.e. ID verification). As for the EAC & BE & Other CS:GO Leagues cheats, they are working fine. But keep an eye out for more information about new updates. Best regards, DX1
  25. DX1

    [EFT] 8/11/2023

    Fixed BSODs after cheat re-injection. Restart PC to unload old driver.
  26. DX1

    [EFT] 8/10/2023

    Cheat has been updated for latest patch. Good luck everyone on the wipe!
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