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  3. We recently added an insane feature to our PUBG product that will give you the ability to gain an incredible advantage over your enemies. This feature is currently only available for Sponsors. Showcase: Changelog: * Added Mount Teleport Exploit
  4. Changelog: * Added Fog ESP (Fog bypass)(might be a bit delayed)
  5. Curious

    [EFT] 10/16/2023

    New added feature is available only in ALPHA version of the cheat (ready to use for Sponsors). Changelog: * Loot Teleport (Loot Type Selection: Weapons, Barter Items, Armor, Ammo, Cases, Quest Items, Backpacks, All (nearest)).
  6. DX1

    [Rust] 5/10/2023

    Updated for latest game patch. Good luck!
  7. Curious

    Valorant Cheat

    Last Detection: never Initial Release: 26.10.2022 This cheat is currently available only to sponsors!
  8. CS2 Cheat Release We are excited to announce the release of a new first generation product for Counter-Strike 2 from TildaCheats. The slight delay in the release of this product was due to the fact that we needed to release the most completed, high-quality and, most importantly, secure product that you can use on your most valuable accounts without a high risk of getting banned. New features & Supported anti-cheats We have taken into account our past mistakes with many versions of CS:GO cheats and the complexity of configuring them. For CS2 there are now only 2 versions of the product: Multi-League & Extended. First version supports all basic tier II ACs and the Extended version supports all the same anti-cheats but with the addition of FaceIt Client, ESEA Client, AKROS. Setting up the cheat now does not differ depending on the league, everything is as simple and the same. Use the links below to find out more about the product: Updated Features List | Supported ACs List | Live Status Slots & Pricing Since we have put all the cheat builds together and updated and improved them for the new version of the game, the price of the product has increased. There is no specific price for this type of product, everything is set individually, but the minimum price for a monthly subscription & slot for Multi-League: from €150 and for Extended: from €650. You can see the number of free slots by this link: https://tildacheats.cc/choose.status Media
  9. DX1

    [DayZ] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Performance * Increased distance of Heli Crash
  10. DX1

    [Rust] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Added Dynamic Desync indicator * Improved Performance
  11. DX1

    [EFT] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Aimbot Prediction
  12. Dear community, You may have noticed that I've been offline for a while. There were a number of reasons for this, including my job, holidays and, to be honest, a bit of old-fashioned laziness. This will continue for some time for the same reasons. From now on, you can always reach me via PM. If you've sent a message that went unanswered, please feel free to send it again. Now let's talk about the current situation with ESEA products. We currently have two types of products available. One type is hardware based and the other is program based, which used to be our main product. We used hardware based as a transitional product until we could ensure the security of our older product. The good news is that our DMA cheat product is now back on the market and available for Invited Members for free. Just open a ticket or PM me on forums, if you want to try it out and help us with advanced testings. For those of you who aren't in a Invited group yet and are interested in purchasing our ESEA cheat, you can apply for it here. You need to select Level 2 application (i.e. ID verification). As for the EAC & BE & Other CS:GO Leagues cheats, they are working fine. But keep an eye out for more information about new updates. Best regards, DX1
  13. DX1

    [EFT] 8/11/2023

    Fixed BSODs after cheat re-injection. Restart PC to unload old driver.
  14. DX1

    [EFT] 8/10/2023

    Cheat has been updated for latest patch. Good luck everyone on the wipe!
  15. DX1

    [DayZ] 8/10/2023

    Changelog: * Added Admin ESP (not perfect) * Added Speedhack (works only on MODDED servers and without desync (will not kick you)) * Added Legit Magic Bullet * Added Random Bone for Magic Bullet * Added Combat Mode (removes all ESP elements from the screen, except of Player ESP, Cars, Heli Crash and Admin ESP) * Added NoClip (you can loot items in 5-10 meters from you, through the wall too)(take items in hands first!)
  16. DX1

    [Loader] 8/10/2023

    Our loader moved to another webserver and was offline until Aug 10, 2023. Now some of our cheats have web-radar, we will try to add this feature to any of our products.
  17. DX1

    [R6S] 8/10/2023

    Changelog: * Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link will be copied into your clipboard) * Added Hook Teleportation (NoClip) Pricing: * Price for monthly subscription increased
  18. DX1

    [Rust] 8/10/2023

    Updated Rust product information: (private ALPHA features can not be revealed, possible one of them called Server C****** ) Changelog: * Added Auto Upgrade (2 variables: upgrade from & upgrade to (0 = twig; 1 = wood; 2 = stone; 3 = metal; 4 = HQM) * Added Sign Painter (Open Sign Paint GUI, open console and write following command: .tc_paint_{link to the image} (all URLs supported, also required URL of IMAGE only) * Added Chat Spammer (ALPHA) (First off, use this command local.loadspamlist {name of spam list}, then use local.toggle chatspam) * Added Force FakeLag (ALPHA) (If someone aims on you, you start lagging (for enemy), useful for HVHing too) * Added Force 3rd Person on vehicles (cars, mini, scrap heli, tugboats, submarines) (Different vehicles have different 3rd person values set for comfortable gameplay) * Added Enemy Detection (ALPHA) (Checks if your enemy (Steam ID64) joined the server or plays on the server) (Useful to stream snipe :) ) * Added Instant Suicide back (might be detected on some servers, don't use it too often) * Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link will be copied into your clipboard) Improvements: * Manipulation Improved (now up to 12m, fake lag enabled required) * Name Spoof fixed * Silent Farm Improved (now jackhammer farms without long delays)
  19. Curious

    [EFT] 7/23/2023

    Some features have been reworked and updated for the latest patch. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to know HP, LVL, KD, Headshot Rate, some parts of the enemy inventory, as the server no longer share this information. Changelog: * All MISC features reworked. * Fixed random crashes. * Player ESP reworked.
  20. Curious

    [EFT] 6/29/2023

    We have been away long enough, but that doesn't mean we haven't worked on something. We have added many new features that have been requested. You can read about them below: Changelog: * Added Magic Bullet (currently safe and not patched) * Added Accurate Prediction * Added Silent Aim Hitchance (from 0% to 100%) * Added Sherpa/Admin/Emissary Warning * Added Automatic Cheater Detection * Added Smart Item Pricing * Added No Fall * Added Fly * Added Multi-Search (you can search different sections of corpse at the same time)
  21. Last Detection: 18.03.2021 Initial Release: 03.08.2019 This cheat is require to pass any of approval forms before purchase!
  22. Almost 4 weeks ago, we decided to take a vacation from our work. There were no notifications about it, at the same time I did not respond to any messages. We will resume our cheats within a few days. (We will not be able to give a specific date, approximately until Jun 30, 2023). First off, our team will test the performance of our products, after which the status update will not take long. Checkout the status page! The loader is currently frozen. All active subscriptions will be renewed. With kind regards, TC Staff!
  23. We are glad to announce that the Semi-Private version for CS:GO FaceIt, is once again available for safe use. More than a month of tests have been done, and a new bypass has been implemented. This cheat is require to pass any of approval forms before purchase! Apply here: https://tildacheats.cc/forum/39-applications-apply-here/ Changelog: * Security update has been pushed
  24. We need 3-4 more Trusted (e.g. verified users) to test our new security implementation. DM me on the discord: Curious#2125
  25. Curious

    [Rust] 2/3/2023

    Changelog: * Updated for latest game patch * Changed STW logic (less invalid shots)
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