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  2. Curious

    [EFT] 12/28/2022

    Changelog: * Updated for the latest game patch (
  3. DX1

    [Loader] 12/26/2022

    New loader update is available, re-download in #Loader Download tab. * Improved stability * Improved performance for injecting * Fixed some BSODs upon spoofing
  4. This update was released 19 days ago silently, but now a public report is out. Also, our customer released a video in honor of it. Changelog: * Added new type of Manipulation feature (now desync became 9 meters long with extreme cool angles) * Added OnLadder animation (provides silent sprint) * Added Shoot Through Walls (our method is not patched, and will not be in the near future) * Improved Optimization * Added new type of Chams: Pulse
  5. Hello everyone Many of you recommend TC to friends, we would like to thank you by implementing our affiliate system, you can now refer your friends and receive 20% commission on each of their purchases. Once a person affiliated to you has made a purchase, you will have a balance on our website, you can use it to buy a license on TildaCheats or withdraw the money to pretty much any cryptocurrency. With kind regards, TildaCheats
  6. Dear customers, We are pleased to announce a special 20% XMAS discounts! This discounts will be applied to all 14 and 30 Days (or more) products in our store and will be valid for the next 14 days. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to save on your purchases. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you in the store soon! Sincerely, TildaCheats
  7. Escape From Tarkov (12.7) _ Gameplay _ Legit Features _ Undetected _ tildahack.xyz.mp4
  8. This video got clapped by BSG on YouTube due to that, I'll upload it here (I could save only video in 720p ).
  9. Secret software is not for public sales, you can purchase it if you have administration agreement.
    Supported Games as of the moment: CS:GO

    For additional information contact head-administrator:
    1. Discord: Curious#2125
    2. Forums: @Curious

    From $90.00

  10. Curious

    [EFT] 7/1/2022

    New update for Escape From Tarkov Cheat has been released. Our security is still fine after ban wave after wipe. Also we added some cool features, which are safe to use. Changelog: * Updated to latest game patch. Features: * Added Unlimited Stamina. * Added Instant Examine. * Added No Movement reduction. * Added No Visor. * Added Full Auto.
  11. Over a long period of time, the driver was recoded to avoid accidental detections, as we wanted to write quality code it took some time In addition to the recode of main driver, the patcher was improved and its stability in general was improved in front of user systems. In order to avoid any problems during the setup phase. Change log: * Driver has been fully recoded. * Some performance improvements. * Injection delay decreased. * Patcher (Main loader for other cheats): fixed stability issues.
  12. Curious

    [PUBG] 6/7/2022

    We have added a new method of Aimbot, to bypass the temporary bans, this method is still being finalized, but it is already working successfully. Stay tuned. Change log: * Implemented new method of Aimbot.
  13. Curious

    [Rust] 6/7/2022

    Rust Cheat (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) received an update to the latest version of EasyAntiCheat. EasyAntiCheat Updated for Rust: 31/05/2022 12:37:04; EasyAntiCheat Updated for Rust: 07/06/2022 12:39:32; Also we added some useful & fun features, to learn more about the features of the product you can check this topic: https://tildacheats.cc/topic/27-rust-lvl-1-lvl-2-lvl-3/
  14. Changelog: * Improved performance on some systems with UEFI
  15. Curious

    [PUBG] 3/24/2022

    Changelog: * Added some missing weapons to the Aimbot * Fixed Esp jittering when the player is skydiving * Fixed players sometimes being shown twice when they're in a vehicle * Compatibility with latest game update * Fixed grenade trajectory * Added bone priority to the Aimbot * Added new key bind to aim specifically at the head, useful with sniper rifles. * Added XignCode disabler * Fixed screenshot cleaner
  16. Changelog: * Added hitbox priority to the Aimbot
  17. Rust Cheat (Level 3) is now available. For now, new bypass is going to be used for internal. Downtime will be compensated. Use our HWID Spoofer to avoid further bans. Changelog: * Re-coded internal's bypass * BSODs upon cheat injections fixed. * Stability Improved We will add some rage features in the cheat soon. Also there may be some troubles with performance due to new bypass. Stay tuned!
  18. Changelog: * Solution implemented against direct disk query from EAC. *Disable TPM and things related in BIOS, otherwise spoofer will not work correctly*
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