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FaceIT / ESEA / Multi - Leagues Softwares (League Cheat)

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Anticheat Status : 

- VAC : Undetected
- ESEA Anti - Cheat : Undetected
- SMAC : Undetected

- ESL Wire : Undetected
- FaceIT Client Anti - Cheat : Undetected
To see the exact status : https://tildacheats.cc/index.php?/status/

Game version :

- Latest ...


Cheat features:

- Doesn't require external devices
- Working on Windows 10 x64 (1909-21H1)
- Separate Build for Every Customer
- Advanced Anti-Cheat Support

ESEA / FaceIT - these cheats have very similar features set.
Since that we decided to include them in one topic.



- Aimbot (aim assistance)
- Aimbot mode
Value: 0 - Ray Tracing Aimbot (Aimbot will activate once you have passed over an enemy) 
Value: 1 - Field Of View Aimbot (Aimbot uses a pre-determined Field Of View to find targets)
Value: 2 - No Checks (This mode is designed to be used in conjunction with an aimbot hotkey so you can scan for players behind walls or objects, you hold the key and if your mouse moves you will know roughly where the player is depending on the direction your mouse has moved)
- Aimbot customisable Key (activates the aimbot on key)
- Aimbot customisable Speed (lets you customise the speed of the aimbot)
- Aimbot customisable FOV (lets you customise the "area" the aimbot will aim in)
- Aimbot bone priority (lets you select the bone the aimbot will aim at; head, chest, legs, etc...)


- Triggerbot customisable Key (activates the Triggerbot when a certain is pressed)


- Sound Trigger ESP - Aim through the walls, if you're aiming at an enemy you will hear a sound
- Sound Radar ESP - A radar made with sound (sonar beeping)
- No Flash, Flash Warning
Vulnerable Enemy Warning
Grenade Sound Warning
- External Radar [ FaceIT and Multi - League versions only]


- Panic Key (disables every feature in the cheat when a selected key is pressed)
- Config Manager (Load / Create) [ONLY FaceIT Client version]




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