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  1. I've been a part of this successful test and i can say it is for real not a quickcash grab, we went trough a real timespan where i thought it would even be discontinued but every time @Curious came with the good news, can say that this dev is the one trustworthy of all i even dealed with. Now about the software: Really good for legit playing Visuals are comfortable enough and being improved everytime Aimbot has a good prediction, even on flying targets Ragebot & Exploits help to destroy any cheater in Rust Exploits working just fine, and you got pretty much what you need on gameplay Hands down one of the best cheats. I would recommend anyone to buy that is looking for something undetected and want to last long on accounts. The cheat itself went from basic to being advanced over time and there are lots to come in the future the dev is very open-minded.
  2. I'll start by saying I was verified & invited to test this cheat and had about a weeks time with it. This gets high marks for me from a rage and legit mindset. It has pretty much every feature either side is interested in. Smooth, random bone, thick bullet, customizable recoil compensation, visible check, not patched silent aim and few risky HvH features. Yeah, there's not much to say because it has everything. Now, as for prediction. Any gun is pretty much spot on but like with most cheats, bows will need some TLC moving forward to make them better but this is easily managed for the time being by adding some thickness to compensate. Nothing fancy here but does it have everything a Rust player is interested in? Yes, of course it does. Crates, animals, NPC, players, vehicles, dropped weapons, backpacks, corpses and so much more. When it comes to ESP, this should be standard. Also, chams? Why hasn't anyone done that? It's the best legit setting for ESP if you're trying to appear legit. Seems like TC has this feature since 2019. Now! We have a lot of standard features and they work pretty much as expected. Debugcam, always day, spiderman, automatic weapon, melee range, unblock sprint, instant Eoka and much more. Not going to go into these because they work and if you're at all familiar with Rust hacks, then you'll know them by heart. Fly is a unique feature that rarely any developer does and this one is great. This feature allows you to fly up slightly, bump into a wall and keep flying up, rinse and repeat. Why would you want this? Because I've scaled to the top of Launch site with it for EZ gains. It works wonders once you get used to it and an awesome feature to have. Instant/auto medical is kinda weird. You just equip a healing item and it does it for you a bit faster than if you were to do it yourself. I have no idea if this is intended either but if you heal, while the feature is active, most of the time you'll doubt heal. It uses the same amount of heals but clearly twice as fast. Great when in a firefight and you have to heal quickly. Walk on Water should not be used! It will get you server banned and the dev is working on it. Just a heads up for anyone who purchases. Overall: This cheat is hitting the ground running. The fact it's internal is crazy and unlike external, butter smooth. Add the fact the dev is genuinely interested in making a fun UD cheat, it's hands down the best thing to happen to Rust since WR-Cheats came to town. There is plenty more planned to be added from the dev and I hope to see more interesting stuff in the future.
  3. Ur welcome, if you play on EU FP #1 lmk, will give u some guns xd
  4. https://streamable.com/nx7kvu xxxxd
  5. Hello dear members. I'm from Sweden, looking for some league cheats, tbh I like all games which you provide your services for. I hope I can receive an invitation and become a part of your TC family. 🙂