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  1. No detections for me! I'm completely satisfied with it; highly configurable to your needs and aimbot is coded for 'legitness' itself.
  2. All I can say is this is probably the best pubg hack on the market hands down. I don't really have an issue with fps (Just need to make sure loot esp is only on when needed cause that can cause a bit of a dip). The aimbot is perfect within 250 meters for any moving target, and will hit literally any stationary target at pretty much any distance. I have to make sure I lose some of my solo games because it's just that OP so my stats don't look suspicious ( I have like a 7.5 kd this season). Definitely the best pubg hack I know of, especially considering the super reasonable price for invited members only and super safe HWID spoofer is built-in. Just check the status of the cheat and if it's good, you can only get bans for reports.