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TC Gift Cards Giveaway! 35$ x 3

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Hey , guys.

Today , I decided to help people who do not have money for a wonderful software from TildaCheats. The project itself is very good , there are certainly long updates , but it is worth waiting for as this project makes a really high quality product.

To take part in this distribution you need :

> " Explain in this thread why YOU deserve to win, and i’ll get a staff member to pick out a winner for me. "

Reward :

> 1 winners = 1 x Gift Card(35$)

GIVEAWAY CLOSES 08.10.2019 18:00 EST

Also i would appreciate if the winner of the giveaway could post a picture of the received prize as proof!

 UPD: Winner - @ImMoRTaL

Good luck! :classic_biggrin:

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Hey ho, as a kid it's not easy to get money, as my Rust Sub is paused i may have struggles renewing next month. It would be great if i could win

Would love to be able to buy it again 😎 

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I would like to win because ive been looking for good rust cheat provider for a very long time now (over 2 years) And got to play with shit rust cheats and got banned in 1 day.. Also I just got scammed by some kid when I was trying to buy cheats, lost my main discord account too 😄 Im mad would of already bought from here, but I dont have so much money and the cheats are quite expensive for me atleast. ^^

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