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  1. Thanks for the review! DM me and I will provide you a free subscription.
  2. DX1

    [Rust] 5/10/2023

    Updated for latest game patch. Good luck!
  3. DX1

    [DayZ] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Performance * Increased distance of Heli Crash
  4. DX1

    [Rust] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Added Dynamic Desync indicator * Improved Performance
  5. DX1

    [EFT] 8/28/2023

    Changelog: * Back End changes * Improved Aimbot Prediction
  6. Dear community, You may have noticed that I've been offline for a while. There were a number of reasons for this, including my job, holidays and, to be honest, a bit of old-fashioned laziness. This will continue for some time for the same reasons. From now on, you can always reach me via PM. If you've sent a message that went unanswered, please feel free to send it again. Now let's talk about the current situation with ESEA products. We currently have two types of products available. One type is hardware based and the other is program based, which used to be our main product. We used hardware based as a transitional product until we could ensure the security of our older product. The good news is that our DMA cheat product is now back on the market and available for Invited Members for free. Just open a ticket or PM me on forums, if you want to try it out and help us with advanced testings. For those of you who aren't in a Invited group yet and are interested in purchasing our ESEA cheat, you can apply for it here. You need to select Level 2 application (i.e. ID verification). As for the EAC & BE & Other CS:GO Leagues cheats, they are working fine. But keep an eye out for more information about new updates. Best regards, DX1
  7. DX1

    [EFT] 8/11/2023

    Fixed BSODs after cheat re-injection. Restart PC to unload old driver.
  8. DX1

    [EFT] 8/10/2023

    Cheat has been updated for latest patch. Good luck everyone on the wipe!
  9. DX1

    [DayZ] 8/10/2023

    Changelog: * Added Admin ESP (not perfect) * Added Speedhack (works only on MODDED servers and without desync (will not kick you)) * Added Legit Magic Bullet * Added Random Bone for Magic Bullet * Added Combat Mode (removes all ESP elements from the screen, except of Player ESP, Cars, Heli Crash and Admin ESP) * Added NoClip (you can loot items in 5-10 meters from you, through the wall too)(take items in hands first!)
  10. DX1

    [Loader] 8/10/2023

    Our loader moved to another webserver and was offline until Aug 10, 2023. Now some of our cheats have web-radar, we will try to add this feature to any of our products.
  11. DX1

    [R6S] 8/10/2023

    Changelog: * Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link will be copied into your clipboard) * Added Hook Teleportation (NoClip) Pricing: * Price for monthly subscription increased
  12. DX1

    [Rust] 8/10/2023

    Updated Rust product information: (private ALPHA features can not be revealed, possible one of them called Server C****** ) Changelog: * Added Auto Upgrade (2 variables: upgrade from & upgrade to (0 = twig; 1 = wood; 2 = stone; 3 = metal; 4 = HQM) * Added Sign Painter (Open Sign Paint GUI, open console and write following command: .tc_paint_{link to the image} (all URLs supported, also required URL of IMAGE only) * Added Chat Spammer (ALPHA) (First off, use this command local.loadspamlist {name of spam list}, then use local.toggle chatspam) * Added Force FakeLag (ALPHA) (If someone aims on you, you start lagging (for enemy), useful for HVHing too) * Added Force 3rd Person on vehicles (cars, mini, scrap heli, tugboats, submarines) (Different vehicles have different 3rd person values set for comfortable gameplay) * Added Enemy Detection (ALPHA) (Checks if your enemy (Steam ID64) joined the server or plays on the server) (Useful to stream snipe :) ) * Added Instant Suicide back (might be detected on some servers, don't use it too often) * Added Web Radar (we updated our webserver, just click the button in the cheat GUI and link will be copied into your clipboard) Improvements: * Manipulation Improved (now up to 12m, fake lag enabled required) * Name Spoof fixed * Silent Farm Improved (now jackhammer farms without long delays)
  13. DX1

    [Loader] 12/26/2022

    New loader update is available, re-download in #Loader Download tab. * Improved stability * Improved performance for injecting * Fixed some BSODs upon spoofing
  14. Hello everyone Many of you recommend TC to friends, we would like to thank you by implementing our affiliate system, you can now refer your friends and receive 20% commission on each of their purchases. Once a person affiliated to you has made a purchase, you will have a balance on our website, you can use it to buy a license on TildaCheats or withdraw the money to pretty much any cryptocurrency. With kind regards, TildaCheats ❤️
  15. Dear customers, We are pleased to announce a special 20% XMAS discounts! This discounts will be applied to all 14 and 30 Days (or more) products in our store and will be valid for the next 14 days. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to save on your purchases. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to see you in the store soon! Sincerely, TildaCheats ❤️