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[Fortnite] 09/04/2020

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It's finally here, our Fortnite Gen. 5 release!
All you have wanted and more now available once again.

First off I would like to personally apologize to our customers for the major delay.
Due to personal issues and other business related stuff in my real life my time got pushed back by other things requiring attention.
All our Fortnite customers will receive +1 month free extension.

Slots have been restocked and the cheat is ready, what are you waiting for?
Price was not changed. But it may increase in the future.

What's new in the generation 3 version?

* Added: Stream-Proofing.
* Added: Gamepad/Controller Support (for Aimbot).
* Added: Bots Feature (Shows/hides bots).
* Added: 2nd Aim Key.
* Improved: Core Functionality.
* Improved: Speed (0% FPS loss).
* Improved: Stability.
* Improved: Security.
* Fixed: EAC & BE Detections.
* Fixed: Crashing Issues.
* Fixed: Sniper Prediction.
* Fixed: Menu Bugs.
* Fixed: Numerous Core Bugs.
* Fixed: Injection Issues.


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