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  1. Live Status Page has been created solely to view up-to-date information. If it is written that the cheat has been undetected since September 25, 2020, then it has not been detected since then.
  2. Thanks for the honest review, that's what exactly what we're looking for. Jesus Mode, will be updated today. More will follow, stay tuned. 🔥
  3. Testimonial Template To maintain a certain level of quality for all reviews, feel free to use the following ideas as a guide for a more thorough testimonial! Topic titles should indicate which cheat(s) you will be reviewing. Usability / Functionality Functions / Features Please describe your experience with specific features of our products (Aimbot, ESP, Misc, ETC.) Safety This is in regards to anti-cheat support and detections (or lack thereof). This does not include self-inflicted bans (ie. Overwatch bans, fairfight bans, using untrusted features, etc.) Support Our supports or other community members have helped you. Let us know! Conclusion Any other thoughts or general comments regarding cheats / community / etc. This template is not required to post a review, but make it as detailed as possible. Detailed reviews creators will get 1 additional week to their subscription.
  4. Install VS C++ 2015-2019: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads-2647da03-1eea-4433-9aff-95f26a218cc0 And try again.
  5. Hello dear community, Since many are wondering how to buy any Private product, what is needed for this and who needs to be contacted. In this topic I will describe the requirements for the purchase of each cheat. I'll write right away that you need to contact only @Curious. @DX1 is our main software developer and he will be busy, do not try to message him, he will not answer (in 90% cases 🙂). Other developers, like @Lewis can not help you too. To get/purchase most of the cheats, you need to have the role: Sponsor Invited Trusted Sponsor - you can get this role if you buy a subscription there. This role is limited and providing lifetime access to Public cheats and also to some Private cheats: EscapeFromTarkov & Rust LVL3. Also you do not have to pass verification before buying the rest of the private cheats, they will already be available for you. Invited member - you can get this role if you fulfill the following conditions. You can check conditions there: https://tildacheats.cc/how-to-get-invited/ . This user will have access to purchase any of the available private cheats. Also, if you already have friends with this role, you can ask them to invite you. List of available private cheats: CS2 Cheat (Multi-League) CS2 Cheat (Extended) (FaceIt Client & ESEA supported) Rust Cheat (Level 3) Escape From Tarkov Cheat Fortnite Cheat Valorant Cheat --- Only for Sponsor Overwatch Cheat --- Only for Sponsor DayZ Cheat --- Only for Sponsor Apex Legends Cheat Trusted - to get this role, you need to pass verification through applications. This role allows you to get access to the purchase of only ONE private cheat for which you passed the verification. If you have any questions, you can DM me, open support ticket or write in the chat on forums.